Appeal to Love

There was a time, deep in my soul,
I had your smile, your kiss, you all.
I had your look and loving touch
I had you all, a perfect match.
Nothing is gone, nothing is still,
Today, is nothing more to feel.
I was so evil to pretend
You all, again. No, this is end!
I know, with fear, this is the time
When you do care your life not mine.
When you are healed of me, at last,
For you is future, for me past.
So this is it, my dearest friend
You will begin and I will end.
When you will rise I’ll fall down deep,
In hell’s a place for me they keep.
It’s nothing more what I can say,
Just do it now: throw me away!
Just be yourself, follow your dream
Just live your life, don’t feed my sin.
Don’t turn to me, no matter what
I am a poison, the hell’s trap.
I’ll bring you pain no happiness
Throw me away, in hell to rest.

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